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Philosophical Theology

The Department of Philosophical Theology provides the necessary philosophical foundations for a disciplined engagement with theology by presenting perennial themes from ancient times to our present day. Most of our students earn degrees in Catholic theology, and many pursue a priestly or religious vocation; others follow careers including law, philosophy, business, health care, politics, applied ethics, computing, and teaching in the humanities. We teach how to think, how to live life with meaning, and how to help others to do the same. Our students often comment, "this course has changed my life"; we welcome all interested students to share this experience.

Department Chair

Timothy P. Fortin, Ph.D. 
(973) 275-5878

Full-time faculty and areas of specialization
  • Timothy P. Fortin, Ph.D.
    Areas of specialization:  Philosophy of Sexual Difference; Philosophy of Fatherhood; Philosophy of Psychology; Philosophical Anthropology
  • Joseph P. Rice, Ph.D.
    Areas of specialization:  Karol Wojtyła / Pope John Paul II; Ethics; Ancient Philosophy; Participation in Community (Marriage and Family; Social Participation).
  • Víctor Velarde-Mayol, M.D., Ph.D.
    Areas of specialization:  Epistemology; Medical Ethics; Ethics; Philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas; Metaphysics; Phenomenology; Virtue; Natural Knowledge of God
Degree offered
Active courses
  • PLTL 1111: History of Philosophy
  • PLTL 1112: History of Philosophy II
  • PLTL 1113: History of Philosophy III
  • PLTL 1242: Philosophical Logic
  • PLTL 2218: Philosophy of Being
  • PLTL 2223: Philosophy of Nature
  • PLTL 2241: Philosophical Ethics
  • PLTL 2243: Theory of Knowledge
  • PLTL 2250: Christian Philosophers
  • PLTL 2251: Philosophical Thought of Aquinas
  • PLTL 2252: The Human Person and Moral Action
  • PLTL 3214: Philosophy of the Person
  • PLTL 3416: Philosophy of God
  • PLTL 3901: Phenomenology