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Donna Orsuto, S.T.D., presenting the “Joyful Messengers of Challenging Proposals.”

Called to be Joyful Messengers of Christ

Faith-filled leaders gathered together to reflect on the ministry of catechesis, exploring themes of joy, appreciation and more. read more

As a House of Formation, the Seminary offers men preparing for the priesthood the personal, academic, ministerial and spiritual formation essential for their conversion to Jesus Christ and for their commitment to a life of service to the Church.

As a School of Theology, the Seminary provides a theological and philosophical foundation for men and women pursuing undergraduate and graduate studies; preparing for ministries among the people of God; and varied opportunities for continuing theological education.

Dr. Michael Giuliano

Called to Serve

Deacon candidates like Dr. Michael Giuliano infuse Catholic mission into their communities and workplaces.

Deacon Andrew Saunders
IN THE MEDIA SiriusXM's The Catholic Channel

Seize the Day - Wednesday, August 10, 2022

On the Feast of St. Lawrence, the patron saint of the diaconate, Deacon Andrew Saunders (director of the Diaconal Formation Program at the Seminary) spoke about the permanent diaconate, the Church's discernment process for potential deacons and how deacons serve the Church.



Can Do

Keaton Douglas, A Voice to Serve in Recovery

A Voice to Serve in Recovery

Keaton Douglas has taken her talents for entertaining and created a program to help people heal from addiction.

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