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Blackboard Content System

Faculty members sitting on a bench on their laptops. The Blackboard Content System is a file storage system within Blackboard.  It allows every student, administrator, staff and faculty member to have their own virtual hard drive, an electronic repository in which to collect, share and manage content. 

There are several benefits to using the Blackboard Content System:

  • Access to files from anywhere at any time
  • Time saving features such as drag and drop that allow you to create backups of your files already stored on your desktop
  • Store your files in one place
  • Share your files
  • Reuse your files each semester
  • Edit files stored in the Content System directly from your desktop without being logged in to Blackboard

Students receive 1gigabyte of storage space. Faculty, administrators and staff receive 2 gigabytes of space but can make requests to have the storage space increased up to 5 gigabytes. Storage space is allocated upon account creation and is available upon first login.