Seton Hall University

Know the Code

Know the Code logo from Student Life. Students under the age of 21 are prohibited from use and or possession of alcohol!!

In Boland and Aquinas Halls, the possession and/or consumption of ANY alcoholic beverage by any person, regardless of age, is prohibited.
WHAT IT MEANS – Boland and AQ are "DRY" buildings ALCOHOL is not allowed in the buildings!

Anyone under the age of 21 is not permitted to be in a room where alcohol is visible and/or being consumed unless that person is the roommate of a person over the age of 21.
WHAT IT MEANS – Even if you were not drinking…if you are found in the room with alcohol, you have violated the alcohol policy and subject to sanctions!

Intoxication as exhibited by behavior is prohibited!
WHAT IT MEANS – If you look/act/seem intoxicated… We are going to call the South Orange Rescue Squad (SORS) to have you evaluated!  Better safe than sorry!

If a University official has reason to believe that alcohol is being transported in a non-designated area, or by an individual  under 21 years of age, the University official has the right to check any packages, book bags, etc.
WHAT IT MEANS – A University Official (ex. Security Officer, RD and/or RA) can request to see your SHU ID card and check packages, book bags, etc.

Students transported to the hospital for alcohol abuse are subject to disciplinary action including a $350 fine!
WHAT IT MEANS – Engaging in irresponsible use or abuse of alcohol can result in sanctions and fines!

The involvement of alcohol and/or other drugs is not considered a legitimate excuse for violation of any University policy.
WHAT IT MEANS – Just because you were DRUNK doesn't make it ok!  Parents or legal guardian will be notified if their student is found to be in violation of this policy!!  For a complete description of the Seton Hall University Residence Hall Alcohol Policy »