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Billie Jean King

Equity, Influence and the Next Generation

Presented by the Center for Sports Media, this event featured sports icon Billie Jean King and sports industry leader Ilana Kloss.

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The Center for Sports Media redefines how students are trained in media, communications, sports business, engaging with the sports community, and producing groundbreaking content through University channels and partnerships with major media outlets.

Established in Fall 2021, the Center for Sports Media within the College of Communication and the Arts provides an interdisciplinary foundation for academic training and theory with practical experience pertinent to excellence in the Sports Media discipline.

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Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs can do anything! Watch our video to discover how the Center helps and inspires students as they turn their innovative and creative ideas into viable business models.  

Billie Jean King with Jane McManus.

Ms. Magazine quoted the findings of a recent Seton Hall Sports Poll as well as the February campus visit of Billie Jean King in its article on whether the U.S. society is ready to let sports challenge, rather than reinforce, the gender binary and male dominance.

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Bob Ley ’76

Broadcast Mentor

Retired ESPN sportscaster Bob Ley ’76 is helping Seton Hall reshape sports media education.



Can Do

Great Mind Sean Keegan

Communications Student Sean Keegan

Passionate about communication, Sean participates in opportunities that combine this passion with his journey as a leader.

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