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Career Planning

Speech-language pathologists are integral members of a comprehensive healthcare team that treats the entire spectrum of the population. Seton Hall M.S.S.L.P. students and graduates are exceedingly well prepared when contrasted with their peers and have multiple opportunities
throughout the course of the master’s program to network and identify employment prospects through their clinical placements and internship sites.

Employment of speech-language pathologists is expected to grow by 19% from 2012–2022.

           - U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook

The demand for speech pathologists continues to outpace the number of certified practitioners in the United States. Opportunities abound for qualified Seton Hall graduates – as our population continues to get older and survival rates increase; as early identification and diagnosis of speech and language disorders become more prevalent; and as enrollment in elementary and secondary schools continues to rise.

Our students consistently average a 100% employment rate within one year after graduation, which is one of the highest rates in the nation. Our faculty and staff are invested in building our alumni network while also continuing to invest in our newest graduates as they begin the process of building their careers. 

Where our graduates are working:

  • Schools
  • Private practices
  • Nursing homes
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Hospitals

Industry associations:

Professional Certification/Licensing Information

Each student is required to complete a minimum of 375 direct clinical contact hours of graduate clinical work to meet ASHA’s certification requirements. After graduation, students are eligible to apply for the New Jersey Speech-Language Pathology license as well as the New Jersey Speech-Language Specialist Certificate.

Department faculty and staff provide Seton Hall MSSLP students with assistance and advice on Clinical Fellowship (CF), ASHA certification, SLP Praxis and in-state and out-of-state licenses and school certifications. The following links provide more information these professional areas:

The Career Center at Seton Hall University

This on-campus resource gives our graduates the tools to get their careers off to a strong start. Students and graduates have access to many benefits through The Career Center, including:

  • One-on-one career counseling
  • Individualized career development and management plans
  • Online career assessments
  • Career events, including resume writing workshops and interview clinics
  • Pirate Mentor Program with access to an extensive network of thousands of Seton Hall alumni