Seton Hall University

Sister Rose Thering Fund Scholarship Application Form

This tuition award is intended for educators in public, private and parochial or religious schools.

  • Scholarship tuition covers a 3-credit course for one semester.
  • University fees are the responsibility of the applicant and are payable to Seton Hall University.
  • Teachers may seek assistance for up to 12 credits (usually 4 courses) through the Fund, which can then be applied to matriculated status upon acceptance into the degree program, or can request the Certificate in Jewish-Christian Studies upon of completion of these 12 credits.
  • Seton Hall University offers the M.A. degree in Jewish-Christian Studies (JCST), which requires 36 credit hours in the College of Arts and Sciences. Application to matriculate should be made directly to the Department.
  • The SRTF award does not constitute nor necessitate acceptance for matriculation in the graduate degree program.
  • Applicants are responsible to pay the University fee and the technology fees each semester. For more information, visit the University Tuition and Fees page.
  • The recipient of an SRTF Scholarship is required to attend the Scholarship Awards Program (announced each semester) and other SRTF events when announced.