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Holocaust Education Bill Passes in Sr. Rose Thering's Home State  

Sister Rose Thering speaks 320 picA bill recently passed in Wisconsin mandating Holocaust education in schools. Wisconsin, home to the late Sister Rose Thering, after whom Seton Hall University's Sister Rose Thering Fund is named, will now be the 18th state in the nation to require Holocaust education as part of their secondary school curricula. 

The bill mandates that schools teach students about the Holocaust and other genocides at least once in both middle school and high school. The bill also requires that the state superintendent consult with the Nathan and Esther Pelz Holocaust Education Resource Center (HERC), a program established by the Milwaukee Jewish Federation. According to Senator Alberta Darling, who spearheaded the bill, it will ensure that the voice of survivors is preserved forever as well as the important lessons associated with the Holocaust. 

Sister Rose Thering was a lifelong activist who fought anti-Semitism within the Catholic Church and built bridges between those of the Jewish and Christian faiths. She felt as though it was her responsibility to bridge this gap because "an understanding and an appreciation of Jews and Judaism and the State of Israel helps me personally. I hope and pray to become a better person, a better Christian." The University's Sister Rose Thering Fund aims to carry her legacy forward by fostering understanding and cooperation among Jews, Christians, and people of other religious traditions through advocacy and education.

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