Patricia Kuchon, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Strategic Communication and Leadership
College of Communication and the Arts

Dr. Patricia P. Kuchon has successfully served as a graduate professor at Seton Hall University and a communication consultant to corporate and non-profit agencies for over forty-three years. Her background in communication and psychology position her as an expert in personal and interpersonal communication effectiveness, diversity and strategic leadership. Practical solutions and hands-on activities are basic components of her dynamic training and development programs.

Dr. Kuchon is a member of Seton Hall University's graduate faculty and teaches in its Master's Program in Strategic Communication and Leadership. She is a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist, holds a doctorate in Communication Sciences from City University of New York and has been interviewed on a number of television and radio programs. Her past professional client list includes Fortune 500 businesses, Hospital and Health Care Systems, Public and Private Schools and hundreds of individuals including CEOs, physicians, politicians, sales persons, teachers and television personalities who, as a result of Dr. Kuchon's coaching, became more effective speakers and leaders in their workplaces.