Seton Hall University


Photo of President NyreJoseph E. Nyre, Ph.D., is the 21st president of Seton Hall. Since taking the helm on August 1, 2019, he has guided the University through the pandemic while advancing a vision to elevate Seton Hall among the nation's foremost Catholic universities.

President Nyre is a US Naval veteran and a first-generation college graduate who received a B.A. from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse; an M.A. from the University of Missouri; an Ed.S. and Ph.D. from the University of Kansas; and completed pre- and post-doctoral fellowships at Harvard Medical School and the University of Kansas. He assumed the presidency of Seton Hall after leading Iona College for eight years.

Seton Hall's accomplishments under President Nyre's leadership include:

  • Leading through COVID. As the first university on the eastern seaboard to announce fall 2020 reopening plans, Seton Hall earned recognition as an early innovator and exemplar.
  • Finalizing and initiating a multi-year strategic plan. Launched in December 2020, Harvest Our Treasures is the product of unprecedented involvement by the University community. The plan responds to the shifting higher education landscape by charting a course to exciting new terrain among America's best universities.
  • Commencing a master planning process for campus transformation. In 2020, Seton Hall took advantage of favorable interest rates to fund a major renovation of the University Center and other capital projects through New Jersey Educational Facilities Authority bonds.
  • Conducting a peer and pricing study to determine Seton Hall's overall expense relative to cohort institutions. This study served as the basis for an affordability agenda that provides maximum financial aid to students, anchoring the University's cost among the lowest in its peer group.
  • Approving plans to reshape Seton Hall's portfolio of academic programs and rebalance instructional and non-instructional expenses.
  • Advancing student persistence, success and graduation while developing and executing a multitude of diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives consistent with its Catholic identity.
  • Planning and implementing the silent and public phases of Seton Hall's first comprehensive fundraising campaign in nearly 15 years, emphasizing endowed scholarships, faculty excellence and enhanced student-focused campus areas.

These University-wide achievements are the direct result of President Nyre's leadership, which emphasizes consummate planning informed by voices from throughout the Seton Hall community and a commitment to shared governance. By embracing innovation, increasing adaptation and remaining nimble and flexible, Seton Hall is advancing its stature as a national and international leader in Catholic higher education.

President Nyre often discusses the "power of the place to change destinations and transform lives" and the important role of every student and employee in this pursuit. He notes, "From the groundskeeper who attends to the beauty of the Green, to the faculty member who attends to the beauty of the mind, we all play a vital role in transforming lives."

He embraces Seton Hall's focus on "what great minds can do" and believes great minds should engage in the great conversations, challenges and debates of our time. Concurrently, President Nyre underscores the importance of investing in recruiting, retaining and developing faculty and staff who "inspire students to reach beyond their grasp."

Prior to leading multiple institutions, he practiced as a psychologist in academic, clinical and private practice settings while serving in a faculty capacity at several institutions, including Baylor University, the University of Illinois-Chicago College of Medicine and Harvard Medical School. He is highly regarded in developmental psychopathology, system innovation and public policy reform, having garnered more than $40 million in extramural funding.

A devout Catholic, President Nyre and his wife, the former Kelli McIntyre, have four children: Evelyn, Charlie, Henry and Hadley.