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2019 Online Presentations

Duwamish River Contamination
By Andriy Hrubiy

Over many years, the Duwamish River located in Sodo, West Seattle, Washington has become polluted by major industries, such as Boeing, and contaminants transported in stormwater runoff. This river is a vital water source to this ecosystem. What factors have caused this environmental issue and how can this water source be remediated?
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Depletion of Ogallala Aquifer
By Megan C. Drury

The Ogallala Aquifer is an underground water resource under the Great Plains responsible for providing irrigation for 30% of our nation's agricultural needs. It spans across Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. Without this resource farmers will not be able to supply food for farm animals and families. if not properly managed, this large body of freshwater could one day, in less than fifty years, be unavailable.
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Water Overuse & Contamination from Hydraulic Fracturing
By Judy Koren

Hydraulic fracturing extracts oil and natural gas from shale embedded in the earth's crust. This process pumps fluids into the rock at very high pressures, fracturing of shale and opening cracks through which the fossil fuels flow into wells that lead to the surface. Fracking causes severe water contamination, along with water overuse. The public is unaware of the hundreds of chemicals and the billions of gallons of freshwater used in this process. Since fracking is classified as an alternative energy resource, the industry is currently exempt from multiple laws that protect the environment and water. They are not responsible for any water contamination or overuse. Fracking h threatens the water supply for millions of Americans.
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Renourishment and Rip Currents
By Sarah M Clifford

Renourishment projects around Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina have been followed by an uptick in rip currents along the coastline. Could beach renourishment and altering the coastline be the cause of these deadly rip currents?
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Play Therapy with Children with Anxiety By Eman Tadros, SHU- Education & Human Services

One of the most prominent psychological disorders in children is anxiety disorder (Kaslow et al, 2012). Children with anxiety disorder suffer from emotional, behavioral, and physical symptoms. Research has shown that children have been excluded from family sessions or have been included with little participation. This presentation displays the many advantages to incorporating children into family therapy, specifically children with anxiety and suggests specific therapeutic techniques. Overall, a review of the research reveals that children who engage in play therapy in family therapy sessions, participate more and are less anxious in therapy.
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Barriers to Knock Down in Family Play Therapy
By Eman Tadros, SHU- Education & Human Services

Children who engage in play therapy in family therapy sessions, participate more and are less anxious in therapy. A large playroom with a lot of equipment is not necessary for working with children, simple toys and household/ office materials can be utilized. In this presentation barriers to family play therapy will be identified. This presentation displays the advantages to incorporating children into family therapy and demonstrates how a therapist with any theoretical orientation can integrate play therapy interventions into sessions.
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A Systemic Approach to Alcohol and Substance Use in a Couple Subsystem
By Eman Tadros, SHU- Education & Human Services

Alcohol and substance use within a couple system can cause an abundance of stress, it is even more challenging when both members of the couple are using substances of drinking alcohol. This presentation will use a case study to analyze the effects of alcohol and substance use on a couple system. This study displays how therapeutic interventions can be implemented within alcohol and substance abuse context to create change in a couple system.
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Winter Storms and Beach Erosion
By Anthony R. Hernandez

Winter storms near Cape May Beach result, beach erosion that has a negative effect on the nearby town of Cape May. Winter storms increase the amount of sand lost from this shoreline. Leading to local flooding and property damage. Hard and soft beach management methods have been used to preserve this economic and environmentally important area of the Jersey Shore.
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Improving Healthcare, One Idea at a Time
By Annemarie Ryan, Katie Mazarelli, Allison Lamoureux, Bella Valentino, Julia Skerat, Patricia Esposito, Isabel Finan
Faculty Advisor: Dr Katherine Connolly
Buccino Leadership Institute, College of Nursing

CareCall is a software program made to assist hospitals in providing efficient and affective care to their patients. The software will be implemented into accessible tablets, which would then be placed in hospital rooms. By simply pressing an icon that matches their need – whether it be a blanket, pain management, or bathroom assistance – the call will be routed to the appropriate personnel, eliminating an intermediary at the front desk who then must direct the call. This will improve efficiency and reduce response time. With its simple design, CareCall is easy for patients of any age to use; the system icons are large and easily identified labels

With thirty percent of Medicare reimbursement dependent upon standardized patient satisfaction survey responses known as the HCHAP survey, the financial implications are monumental.
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Improving Healthcare Quality: Together We Can Make a Difference
By Josh Turbiak, Katherine Connolly
Seton hall University College of Nursing

There is a mounting campaign in the United States to achieve better quality control in the healthcare sector. Given the frequency of intravenous (IV) fluid administration in the hospital setting, dissemination of evidence is critical. Although an extremely routine intervention, recent studies have indicated a higher complication rate than previously believed. Adverse effects impact recovery time, length of hospital stay, cost, patient safety and survival, with select populations at considerable risk. Related complications are largely preventable by educating entry level nurses and emphasizing their role in promoting evidence-based care.
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Impact of a COPD Care Bundle on Hospital Readmission Rates
By Sophia Bonenfant, Moira Elizabeth Kendra, DNP, ACNP-BC, MA, RN
Seton Hall University -College of Nursing

The significance of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) readmission rates include reduction of Medicare payments to hospitals with high readmission rates for patients admitted with COPD. COPD is the third most common cause of hospital readmission among Medicare beneficiaries. An evidence-based COPD Care Bundle can decrease COPD readmissions.
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