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Zheng Wang, Ph.D. speaking at a podium.

Events and Speaker Series

Religion in Conflict: Re-Imagining Mediation
December 5

The team of the CARIM program – a joint initiative of the Center for Security Studies at ETH Zurich and the Human Security Division at the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) –discusses how conflicts with religious dimensions pose challenges for mediation. Drawing on experiences of the Swiss FDFA in contexts such as Tajikistan, Iraq, Morocco and Sri Lanka, the team offers ideas and suggestions for how we can “re-imagine” mediation in order to transform conflicts in these challenging contexts.

Discussion with UNDP’s Noura Hamadji
October 17

The Center for Peace and Conflict Studies welcomes Noura Hamadji, Deputy Assistant Administrator, and Deputy Regional Director of the Regional Bureau for Africa at UNDP to speak with students about the links between peacebuilding and state-building in developing contexts, drawing on comparative knowledge across Africa.

"The Art of Dialogue During War"
October 10
Professor of Practice David Wood shares experiences of supporting dialogue between groups in violent conflict, from a range of contexts including the Balkans, the Caucasus, and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

"All Conflict is Local" Annual Conference
October 9

Join the School of Diplomacy for our upcoming conference, “All Conflict is Local: Personal Experience, Reflection, and Conflict Resolution” where students and alumni share their stories and reflections on their experiences with violent conflict.

Peacemaking Conference 
September 30 – October 1 
Seton Hall's Peace Conference, which is open to the public, will use Pope Francis's teachings as a guidepost for examining what it means to live and promote peace in the context of today's cultural and social currents. Learn more »

Great Minds Learning Experience: Working with Conflict – Skills for Mediation and Conflict Resolution 
August 18- August 22 
Current and incoming students will discuss conflicts in daily life, the workplace, and global society and learn effective skills and strategies for mediation and conflict resolution. Learn more »

Past Speaker Series

  • "The Nexus - Peacebuilding, Humanitarianism and Development, Through Yemen." April 26, 2019
    Peter Rice, Political Affairs Officer, Office of the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General for Yemen

  • "Development of the Syria process." April 12, 2019
    Amanda Roberts, Acting Syria Team Leader in the UN’s Department of Political and Peacebuilding Affairs

  • "The U.S. Approach for Supporting Sustainable Peace in Libya." February 15, 2019
    Ambassador Deborah K. Jones, former US Ambassador to Libya

  • "Perspectives from the East and West of Libya on the Present Political Conflict." February 1, 2019
    Bashar Eltalhi, Libya Country Manager for Peaceful Change initiative; and Mohamed Eljahr, Libyan Political Analyst

  • "The Experience of Women Mediators and Civil Society Peacebuilders in Syria." September 28, 2018
    Rajaa Altalli, Syrian women and civil society leader

  • Mr. Robert Daly
    Director, Kissinger Institute on China and the United States

  • "What Syria Has Taught Us about Peacemaking?" April 23, 2014
    Ms. Pamela Aall
    Senior Advisor for Conflict Prevention and Management, U.S. Institute of Peace

  • "Trends in conceptualizing and practicing reconciliation." April 16, 2014
    Dr. Vern Neufeld Redekop
    Professor, School of Conflict Studies at Saint Paul University

  • "Negotiating Peace: The Role of Non-Governmental Organizations." March 24, 2014
    Dr. Andrea Bartoli
    Dean, School of Diplomacy and International Relations at Seton Hall University