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National Tutor Appreciation Week 2022  

a photo of a group of students

Some of the current ARC staff at the September Staff Meeting

National Tutor Appreciation Week was started more than a decade ago by the National Tutoring Association (NTA). This week is dedicated to tutoring staff across the country who work to support the academic needs of students. Tutors play a key role at Seton Hall University and come to work displaying important qualities: patience, commitment, knowledge of the subject, and understanding of different learning styles and needs.

They are often there for students in ways that we do not consider. Students come to sessions with our tutors, academic coaches, SI leaders, and Tutors in Residence feeling stressed and overwhelmed. The tutors are there to listen to the students and help them find additional resources if needed.

At the ARC, we are always so proud of our tutors and all those across the campuses of Seton Hall University for the work they do, but want to take time to especially acknowledge them during this week:
• On October 3, tutors will be provided with thank you bags filled with candy as well bagels and donuts.
• Throughout the week, stop by the ARC and leave a post-it note thank you for the tutors.

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For more information, please contact:

  • Nicole Paternoster
  • (732) 425-2015