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Seton Hall Distributes Emergency Aid to Students in Need  

Mother SetonEmergency Aid: As part of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, Seton Hall has distributed Emergency Financial Aid Grants to students in the amount of $2,731,439.34 to 2,205 students.

Commonly referred to as the CARES Act, the legislation provided funding by the U.S. Department of Education to the University through the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund.

"Although we were given a year to distribute this money, we've worked hard to mobilize and distribute this funding to our students as quickly as possible in the midst of the pandemic," said Javonda Asante, director of the Financial Aid Office and Student Affairs Emergency Fund Committee member. "Team members literally worked around the clock to get this and other monies raised for the Student Emergency Relief Fund into the hands of our community members in need. In times of trouble, Pirates have always come together, and that's just what we did here."

As part of the CARES Act, Seton Hall is required to report and publish its distribution of funding first at 30 and then 45 day intervals after initial receipt. At this first 45 day mark, June 27, the University reports that more than 95 percent of the federal distribution has been made ($2,731,439.34), leaving only $143,520 more to distribute to students.

Seton Hall Alumni Contribute to Student Support Fund: Seton Hall alumni continue to be very supportive of Seton Hall students. In addition to the federal monies, Seton Hall privately raised and is distributing $420,000 to fund student scholarships and for the Student Emergency Fund, which is designed to provide financial relief to students – undergraduate, graduate, student-athletes, seminarians, and law students — enduring unprecedented hardships with costs related to food, transportation, housing, and more. To date, more than 391 student requests have been received.

SHU Provides Refunds: In addition, refunds to students for room and board as well as parking fees cost the University approximately $9.2 million distributed to more than 6,600 students.

SHU Funds Travel Grants: Recognizing that many travel companies were unable or refuse to refund lost travel expense due to the pandemic, the University voluntarily provided grants totaling $184,259 to 104 students who were not able to receive refunds from travel companies associated with study abroad travel.

SHU Creates Special Scholarship Fund for Impacted Students: Recognizing that many families are struggling with the fiscal impact of the pandemic, the University governing Board of Regents has authorized additional one-time financial aid grant opportunities. The Office of Financial Aid will administer these awards to the neediest students based on requests for special scholarship consideration. To date, 850 requests have been received.

SHU Funds Graduate School Scholarships for Seton Hall Alums: In addition, Seton Hall has committed an additional $200,000 in scholarships for its recent graduates and alumni who wish to pursue a graduate-level education online. The scholarships are being funded through a University grant that applies to a select group of online master's degree programs. This new funding will supplement the substantial scholarship pool that is already allocated to the schools and colleges yearly and is distributed as Dean's Scholarships to eligible students for all graduate degree studies, including online.

For the upcoming fiscal and school year, the University anticipates an additional revenue deficit of 10 percent. "The pandemic has been a costly proposition to all Americans, and schools such as Seton Hall are no exception," said University Chief Financial Officer Stephen A. Graham. "We are a student-first University and in response to this crisis we are doing everything we can to shift resources and ensure the availability and continued excellence of a Seton Hall education to our community. To that end, we have also committed significant funding to additional scholarships for the upcoming semester."

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