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Seton Hall Community Continues to Support Ukraine in New Ukrainian Relief Campaign  

Support for UkraineSince President Nyre's call to action, the University's Division of Volunteer Efforts (DOVE) came together with the Seton Hall community to receive 9,000 essential use items along with $2,451.59 in monetary contributions for supplies within a two-day period. With the DOVE van completely packed, all items were transported to the Ukrainian American Cultural Center of New Jersey (UACCNJ) which then moved the donations to a Ukrainian church in Whippany.

As the war tracks on, Seton Hall's mission compels us to continue efforts to support Ukraine. DOVE will strengthen its relationship with the Ukrainian American Cultural Center of New Jersey through a donation campaign. The UACCNJ donations go directly to their efforts to provide food, clothing, and other non-perishable items to be distributed to the Ukrainian refugees.

DOVE has additionally partnered with the Sisters of the Servants of Jesus to collect monetary donations to help fund their First Aid Center and shelter center. The Sisters are providing direct aid to not only assist the Ukrainian refugees with shelter, food, and clothing, but they also share resources and information on what to do with their newfound refugee status and how to travel to other countries for shelter.

Help support the Seton Hall community in their efforts to provide relief to Ukraine by making a donation to the Ukrainian Relief Campaign. In the wise words of President Nyre, "There is much we have done – and will continue to do – to provide a beacon of hope for Ukraine and the world in these fraught days."

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For more information, please contact:

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