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Getting Everyone On Board in the Global Workplace  

Continuing Education and Professional StudiesYou've organized a video conference call for your team that will connect employees from offices on three continents. You want everyone to contribute their ideas on the upcoming project roll out, but worry that some people will dominate the conversation, while others hold back. Because you are tuned in to cultural norms in the countries where your team-members are based, you understand that there may be differences in how comfortable employees feel about speaking up at a meeting. As a strong global manager you are prepared to encourage everyone's input on the call.

Navigating such cultural differences in today's global organizations is both a challenge and an opportunity. But it takes awareness, sensitivity and skill. To help sharpen your intercultural leadership and communications know how, Seton Hall is offering a program for managers who want to succeed in a diverse workplace.

The Effective Intercultural Leader and The Effective Intercultural Communicator will give you the insight needed to manage and inspire a diverse staff and organization. Through this 2-part program you'll explore the changing dynamics of today's global workplace, while building the skills you need to lead and energize diverse teams. The courses will help you inspire and motivate others as you convey your organization's vision.

Offered by Continuing Education and Professional Studies, The Effective Intercultural Program will be led by Richard Dool, D Mgt., Associate Professor of Communication, and Director of Graduate Studies in the College of Communication and the Arts. "This program is ideal for those who work in a multi-cultural environment or desire to," Dool explains. These courses will provide tools and knowledge to enable the participants to become more 'global' in perspective and to leverage diversity to create sustainable career advantages."

Effective Intercultural Competency Program includes both courses, which can be taken alone or in succession at the following times:

The Effective Intercultural Leader Saturday, June 4 and 11, from 9am-1pm.

The Effective Intercultural Communicator Saturday, June 18 and 25, from 9am-1pm.

shrm Society for Human Resource Management: Students who complete the entire program will earn a certificate in Effective Intercultural Competency and are also eligible for 16 Professional Development Credits (8 credits per course) from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).
Fees are $499 per course, or $899 for the complete program.

Seton Hall alumni receive a 10% discount. To register, click on the links below:

Effective Intercultural Competency Certificate ($899)

The Effective Intercultural Leader ($499)

The Effective Intercultural Communicator ($499)

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For more information, please contact:

  • Karen Passaro
  • (973) 761-9087
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