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Photo of Seton Hall's old chemistry lab Seton Hall was among the 114 institutions participating in New York Academy of Medicine's ColorOurCollections Project this year. Showcasing a series of images from the University's past, people can now access and color these digitized pictures in the compiled Seton Hall coloring book.

Launched in 2016, New York Academy of Medicine's initiative was created to invite institutions of all kinds to share their pictures and allow individual expression by providing free coloring content to the public. ColorOurCollections is a week-long event with a prominent social media attendance of individuals all over the world sharing their coloring fest creations with the #ColorOurCollections hashtag. It entices their followers to join in on the fun and share their own works of art.

Alan Delozier, University Archivist and Education Coordinator, says that "this initiative is an important one that promotes artistic expression, cheerfulness, and health benefits" such as stress relief. Seton Hall's IHS campus held their coloring stress relief event on February 6 co-sponsored with the Office of Student Life, for students to take a break, relax, and color away while enjoying some snacks.

Bruce Springsteen Concert Flyer in the Walsh Gym from April 4, 1974. Amongst the hundreds of images provided by institutions from around the world, Seton Hall's collection includes the older version of the pirate mascot, a 1974 Bruce Springsteen Spring Concert poster titled "Greetings from South Orange", a 1966 anatomy class, as well as photographs of what the main campus used to look like decades ago. The graphics were translated by Allison Piazza, health sciences librarian at the IHS Library, into a black and white digitized template that allows for the participating "colorist" to add their own flourishes.

Seton Hall's participation in this event allows not only an outlet for personal expression, but a treasured look into the University's past. Chris Duffy, the Associate Dean and Director of the IHS Library believes that the "ColorOurCollections initiative is a great way to showcase our amazing archival collection and have some fun while doing it!"

So next time you're in need of an escape from homework and studying, and wanting relaxation, print out some Seton Hall images and color your way into the past!

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