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Faculty Recognized At Regalia Reception  

Regalia from the 2017 reception of faculty members who have received tenure and/or promotion.Seton Hall University faculty members who recently achieved tenure and/or promotion were joined by administrators from across campus for a special regalia reception on Thursday, September 7th in the Regents Suite to honor their outstanding scholarship, teaching and service to the University and their community.

The Office of the President and Office of the Provost are excited to congratulate all of our colleagues who have earned promotion or tenure. We celebrate the success of our faculty and commend each of you for the many years of hard work that culminated in this recognition of your career success.

Faculty awarded the rank of Professor:

Faculty awarded the rank of Professor with Tenure:

  • Jennifer-Brooke Condon, J.D., Center for Social Justice

Faculty awarded the rank of Associate Professor with Tenure:

Faculty awarded the rank of Tenure:

  • Brittany Persson, J.D., M.L.S., The Law Library

Faculty awarded the rank of Associate Professor:

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Flickr 2017 Regalia Reception

37343476352 2017 Regalia Reception
37326273396 2017 Regalia Reception
36664979824 2017 Regalia Reception
37343479302 2017 Regalia Reception
37343476162 2017 Regalia Reception
37326273306 2017 Regalia Reception
37343479212 2017 Regalia Reception
36664979714 2017 Regalia Reception
37326273136 2017 Regalia Reception
36664979664 2017 Regalia Reception
37326273096 2017 Regalia Reception
37343478902 2017 Regalia Reception

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