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Chesterton Institute Announces New Volume of its Prestigious Chesterton Review  

Photo of Father Ian BoydThe G.K. Chesterton Institute for Faith & Culture at Seton Hall University announces the publication of volume 44, nos. 1 & 2, Spring/Summer 2018 issue of its widely recognized journal, The Chesterton Review

This Special Agrarian Issue of the journal includes an introduction by Father Ian Boyd and pieces by G.K. Chesterton, Father Vincent McNabb, Hilaire Belloc, and Charles Péguy. It also features articles by Allan Carlson, Thomas Storck, Maciej Wąs, Russell Sparkes, Matthew Steem, Daniel Frampton, Gary Furnell and Dermot Quinn. Additionally, readers will enjoy book reviews by Ewa Thompson, David Fagerberg, Gerald Russello, Michael Murphy and Catherine Peters, as well as film reviews by Jorge Iglesias. Numerous "News & Comments" items from a variety of sources, letters, and photo galleries complete this latest issue.

"In an issue of our journal, which highlights the agrarian theme, Thomas Jefferson is the figure who looms most large," says Father Boyd, CSB, editor of The Chesterton Review. "America, as Chesterton once said, is the only nation in the world that is founded on a creed. And it was Jefferson who spelled out that creed in a remarkable constitution. But the agrarian philosophy Jefferson developed represents an equally remarkable achievement." 

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Agrarian Issue of The Chesterton Review 2018.About The Chesterton Review
The Chesterton Review is the journal of the G.K. Chesterton Institute for Faith & Culture and has been widely praised for both its scholarship and for the quality of its writing. It was founded in 1974 to promote an interest in all aspects of Chesterton's life, work, art and ideas, including his Christian apologetics. It includes a wide range of articles not only on Chesterton himself, but on the issues close to his heart in the work of other writers and in the modern world. It has devoted special issues to C.S. Lewis, George Bernanos, Hilaire Belloc, Maurice Baring, Christopher Dawson, Cardinal Manning, the Modernist Crisis, J.R.R. Tolkien and Fantasy Literature, Special Polish Issue. It is published twice annually (two double issues). In response to the revival of G. K. Chesterton in the Hispanic world, since 2006 The Chesterton Review publishes an annual issue in the Spanish language and since 2009 a Portuguese language supplement. In 2010, The Chesterton Review published its first issue in French and in 2011 its first issue in Italian.

"From the earth we come and to the earth we return; when people get away from that they are lost." 
—G. K. Chesterton, What I saw in America

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