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Student working on a computer in a computer lab.

High Performance Computing

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science operates, jointly with the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, an IBM cluster computer, used in research and education. Students and faculty also have access to another cluster computer shared with other researchers on campus. 

Collaborative Computer Lab 

The computer lab consisting of IBM workstations is exclusively available for all computer science and mathematics students. The lab is designed for collaboration and consists of group areas equipped with large LCD panels for collaborative work. 


All students receive laptops through the Department of Information Technology. These laptops are important tools for students taking computing and mathematics classes, as they contain special software specifically for our students. All our classrooms are equipped with wireless network access. 

Mobile Computing Platforms 

The department maintains several mobile robots from Corobot for students to use in their academic courses and for various student projects.  

Mathematics Learning Lab (MLL) 

The Center for Developmental Mathematics is proud to host the Mathematics Learning Lab (MLL) in collaboration with the Ruth Sharkey Academic Resource Center (ARC). The MLL is committed to providing resources that enhance the mastery of mathematical concepts at all skill-levels with the aim of improving performance in mathematical courses. For more information about the scheduling and services of the MLL, please contact Prof. Wendiann Sethi, (973) 761-9765 or