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Visiting Vayner Productions  

Vayner Leadership trip group photo

Students at Vayner Productions with President of The Sasha Group, James Orsini, and Senior Manager of Culture, Dannie A Valenchis.

This past Friday, several members of the business cohort went on a company visit to Vayner Productions in Long Island City, NY. The company, molded from the ideas of Gary Vaynerchuk, Vayner Productions is part of the holding company VaynerX. Vayner Productions serves to internalize the production side of marketing and advertising to streamline the process of content creation. Created from the need to provide clients of VaynerMedia, a full-service digital marketing agency, with content Vayner Productions was made and already earned credentials as a top media production company.

During a tour of the facilities students were shown the innerworkings of a company that consistently anticipates industry trends and remains a front-runner in the ever-changing field of digital marketing. Given the opportunity to ask questions, the leadership students gained insights on how Vanyer Productions stays ahead and stays efficient. In the words of attending student Noah Turner, "it was an awesome experience getting to tour around the production facility and discuss the means of business with production associates."

Though Vanyer Productions' journey wasn't without its challenges, students learned about the formative experiences of the company in its goal of transforming a vision into reality. A strong example of the Buccino Leadership Institute's pillar of change management, VaynerX is a company fueled by change and vision. As the business world adapts to rapid changes in technology, students are presented with the challenge of adapting with and anticipating this change.

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