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End of Semester Presentations Continue for Leadership Students  

Picture of Students after Leadership PresentationsLast Friday, leadership students had not only their final class meeting of the year, but their final day of presentations. Building upon the presentations of the week before, last four Interdisciplinarity Teams (IDTs) presented the projects they developed over the course of the semester. These groups, created by Dr. Price earlier this year, were tasked with cultivating ideas for either a mentorship program, website, or promotional video. Working in groups made up of students from each cohort, they put together presentations that highlighted the ideas they developed. These were then presented to peers within the Buccino Leadership Institute, as well as the Associate Directors, Dr. Price, and other special guests. For more information about this topic, please see the article on the first session of IDT presentations written by Justin Sousa on the Buccino Institute's webpage.

The first group to present was Stepping Stone which was led by Jake Fulkerson with Dr. Connolly serving as the advisor. Stepping Stone decided to develop a mentorship program for incoming students. Their central idea was a program to help ease the transition between high school and college for all incoming leadership students. In order to fulfill this goal, they created a template for a two-day leadership initiation to take place a few days before the incoming freshman begin classes. It would focus on team building between all the cohorts, as well as implement workshops to be directed by students and faculty. This initiation would mirror the Pirate Adventure put on by Seton Hall. 

The next presentation was from group Bit by Bit led by Kaylee Qualteria. Under the advisory of Dean Halpin, the group focused on a website template for a hub of information on leadership and thought leaders in each of the Institute's cohorts. The proposed website would work in tandem with the current leadership website to educate students inside and outside of Seton Hall. The content will target both high school and college students and provide information on how to become leaders in each of the cohorts' different fields. The types of information available would include leaders in the field, influential podcasts and books, as well as content produced by the Institute's own Strategic Communications Team.  

The third IDT to present, Gryffindor, with team leader Aimee de Blaauw and advisor Dr. Martinelli, focused on an interdisciplinary mentorship program. Their plan was specifically to grow students not only emotionally and educationally, but through practical experience. This idea was the focal point of their program. They were different from the other mentorship programs in that they focused heavily on field mentorship. By pairing up leadership students with leaders in their respective fields, students would be able to grow while gaining practical experience and applying the ideas they learn in a classroom. 

The final presentation was Buccino's Best, the IDT group led by Madi Travisano and advised by Dean Kaiser. They also chose to devise a mentorship program. Buccino's Best used the Institute's four-year plan to develop a basis of what a mentorship program for the years going forward could look like. One key component of the presentation included a leadership orientation upon the move-in weekend that would highlight some the program's goals and welcome the freshman into the Buccino Leadership family. On top of all this, Madi's group emphasized specialized programs regarding people of color, bringing in CEO speakers, and women.

The presentations from last Friday presented many ideas that can be used going forward in the Institute's future. The program is constantly evolving, while still remembering its roots in leadership development. The ideas and initiatives proposed by each group were fantastic and well received by all in attendance. 

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