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Meet the 'Student' of the Student-Run Strategic Communication Initiative  

Amy ChinOne of the ways the Buccino Leadership Institute markets itself is through the Strategic Communications Initiative, the group responsible for this and other articles on the Buccino Leadership Institute's website. The Strategic Communication Initiative produces content made by students that shows the brand of the interdisciplinary undergraduate Institute, and is run by Amy Chin, a member of the Business cohort. She explained that the main platforms of content dispersal are the website, Instagram, and Twitter. The website is for informational marketing and geared towards future employers, while the social media outlets target future students looking into the Buccino Leadership Institute. The platforms run by the Strategic Communications Initiative represents the students in the program and provides information on future activities.

Amy Chin shared that she wanted to be the head of this initiative because it provides great practice for her future career, which will likely involve managing a brand or product. She is very interested in creating a brand for the Institute and executing it. As a marketing and IT major, digital marketing is not only an area of interest for Amy, but a crucial skill. "What I do as the head of this initiative is so related to my major it could almost count as an internship," Amy joked. "I've talked to companies like Oxford Press and they have said that any intern work I do would be almost identical to what I do here." This student-run initiative is providing Amy with excellent experience for her future career.

Amy's main responsibility in establishing the Initiative was to create and facilitate a structure for the project and the students involved in it, including laying out detailed goals and procedures. She initially worked alongside Dr. Bryan Price to develop a vision and tentative steps to take in order to achieve it, leaving room for changes along the way. She is in charge of the content distribution process, meaning she comes up with the initial idea for an article, assigns it to a writer, makes sure the editor gets it, and then posts the final product on the website. While almost all of the published pieces start and end with Amy, she makes sure she efficiently delegates responsibilities as to not get overwhelmed.

While working on the Strategic Communication Initiative, Amy has developed goals for the Institute. "I would like to expand our network and reach and become an established program within the next five years," she stated. "Once we complete our first four years of full interdisciplinary classes, we should have established ourselves." She plans on aiding this establishment through her work in the Strategic Communications Initiative, as she hopes that the group can expand to writers from all six cohorts in the next few years. She also plans to pull new writers from the incoming class, as well as boost the Institute's follow count on Instagram and reader count on the website. In addition, once the website and current social media platforms are more established, she wants to expand to LinkedIn to maintain connections with Alumni. She emphasized that one of the Buccino Leadership Institute's best assets will be the extensive networking connections that can be made with those who have completed the program and are working full time.

Amy has many extracurriculars that relate to Strategic Communications and her future career path. She edits for the Stillman Exchange, which has granted her experience with pitching story ideas and later preparing them for publication. Amy also works with the Business Cohort in the Buccino Leadership Institute to interview potential students for the program. She assesses the prospective students to see if their personal brand fits with what the program needs and wants, which ties into her marketing major. She is also a social media runner and blog writer for the Business Cohort, and ran the social media for Piratethon, a twelve-hour dance marathon for kids with cancer hosted by the Business Cohort. In addition, she was the Puget Sound Vice President for Washington Future Business Leaders of America, where she gained experience in planning the logistics of conferences. In addition, the Twitter account she ran as Vice President became mildly famous in her community for posting memes in order to promote specific topics. This led to her developing an early passion for social media marketing, as she often turned to Twitter to get the word out about what was happening in her program.

The Strategic Communication Initiative obviously promotes the Communication pillar of the Buccino Leadership Institute; however, Amy admits that she believes her work deals with Ceaselessness as well. Ceaselessness is a quality that must be proved, with all members of the Initiative continuously striving to create and publish new content. Deadlines come into play here, as they are important in ensuring that no one is slacking, and everyone is constantly hitting their goals. She also pointed out that the Initiative incorporates all seven of the pillars into the content that is produced.

Amy Chin is an incredibly hard worker with big goals, and will no doubt have an incredible impact on the Buccino Leadership Institute's future success. You can support the Strategic Communication Initiative by checking out other articles on this website, as well as sharing ones you like with your family and friends! Also, check out our Instagram, @buccinoleaders, and our Twitter, @SHUleadership.

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