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Buccino Leadership Interdisciplinary Teams Present Their End of Semester Projects  

Leadership Interdisciplinary TeamsThis past Friday, the Buccino Leadership Institute watched four of its freshman Interdisciplinary Teams (IDT) present their leadership development projects. These projects were the culmination of an entire semester's worth of work by Leadership Institute students. At the beginning of the spring semester the Leadership Cohort was divided into teams of around 4 and were given an hour in their first meeting to name the team, elect a leader, and decide on a project they would pursue. These groups were created to instill in students all of the Pillars of Leadership and to have the students work with peers studying fields other than their own. 

First on the agenda was Project X, an IDT advised by Dr. Price and lead by School of Diplomacy student Peter Eggerding. The team's project consisted of a three-part recruitment process that followed the path of a prospective student from their time researching Seton Hall to their first day of class in the leadership institute.

Team Project X

Team Project X giving their presentation last Friday.

The first part of the presentation pitched a map that would drop pins to the hometowns of each current student enrolled in the Buccino Leadership Institute. Hovering over the pins would then show information about the student, including name, major, and an email for the prospective student to contact a member of the institute. This was followed by an acceptance video that was similar the Seton Hall acceptance video but would only be sent out to those who were accepted into the institute. Finally, the group passed around a personalized mini treasure chest that would hold the student’s pirate pin and name tag and would be given to them when the cohort first met.

Next, Stillman School of Business student Jared Rubino lead the team, Mentors Building Leaders, who were the second presentation of the day. Under the advisory of Dr. Kimble, the team produced a mentorship program between students in the institute and incoming freshmen. Mentors and mentees would each submit a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Test and Google Form that will then be processed by an algorithm developed by team member Luca Guerini and his brother in order to provide the best possible partnership.

Team Thought Direction led by Stillman School of Business student William Steck and advisor Director Mike Reuter. The team explored the idea of setting up professional social media pages for each student in the institute. As described by the team, the pages would consist of activities both within and outside the institute in order to promote the accomplishments of each individual student. Steck's team also proposed building a social media management team in order to teach students within the institute how to properly market themselves on social media.

Team Next Gen, advised by Professor Case, closed out the first day of presentations with an acceptance video into the Buccino Leadership Institute. Team leader Daniel LeMoine and the rest of Next Gen broke down just how pivotal the acceptance would be in recruiting potential students. The video notably featured leadership students giving their take on what a leader was and had interviews with both Dr. Buccino and Prof. Jack Shannon. Student Krizzia Erika Barez received great praise from Dr. Price and the audience for an aesthetically pleasing and well put together PowerPoint presentation. 

Each presentation was followed by time for questions and feedback from associate directors, special guests, deans of Seton Hall, and Dr. Price himself. The second session of presentations will be held this coming Friday, May 3, and the four remaining Interdisciplinary Teams: Stepping Stone Program, Byte by Byte, Gryffindor, and Buccino's Best will present their semester's project.

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