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Communication and the Arts Making Strides in Recruitment  

Dr. Kimble speaking with leadership students

Dr. Kimble speaking with current leadership students.

With the application season for next year's potential Buccino Leadership Institute students drawing to a close, Molly Stoe of the College of Communication and the Arts gave some insight about her roll in her cohort's recruitment process.

Co-Chair of the Branding and Recruitment Initiative within the cohort, Molly supervises all matters pertaining to the program's recruitment process. Along with her fellow committee members, she has attended all Open House events of the 2018-19 school year to promote the program to prospective Communication and the Arts Leadership students.

When asked what her motivation was when deciding to lead this initiative, Molly said, "after attending the Open Houses during my college process, I told myself that if I did get into the leadership program, I wanted to be doing the speaking at the Open Houses." This year she has already spoken proudly about the program on multiple occasions. Now with the help of Dr. James Kimble, she will deliver a more informative speech that entails the logistics of the program at the Open House on February 17th.

The Branding and Recruitment Initiative has already received 22 applications for next semester and is planning to reach out to applicants with personal gestures. They have already sent each applicant cards with the names, majors, and emails of current leadership students to encourage them to reach out for help or advice.

Molly believes that "sending out personal touches is something that can put us over the top of other colleges that didn't invest as much time in reaching out to these students." Though the cards have been the first and only method to provide this personal touch, there are several more ideas currently in the works between the initiative's committee members. Interviews with current members of the Branding and Recruitment Initiative will be offered as part of the process to further establish the personal connection between potential new and current members.

The hard work and dedication to recruitment that the Communication and the Arts Cohort displays in this initiative exemplifies the Buccino Leadership Institute's pillar of ceaselessness. The work they tirelessly put into making their cohort better and continuing the growth of the institute is admirable. This Sunday, February 17th, at Seton Hall University's Open House the Buccino Leadership Institute, including the Communication and the Arts Cohort, will be interacting with prospective students as we all work harder towards growing and bettering the Institute.

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