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Introducing Jessica Grove and the Field Trip Initiative  

Jessica Grove portraitThe Buccino Leadership Institute is constantly cultivating leadership skills by bringing in professional speakers, giving lessons on various aspects of leadership, and encouraging students to become active leaders as they develop their own projects. However, there are many incredible leadership opportunities waiting outside of the classroom, such as ventures off-campus. This is where the student-run Field Trip Initiative comes in. Its main goal is to provide students with meaningful experiences that will help to shape them into leaders by exposing them to different forms of leadership and inspire them to be motivated, charismatic, and effective leaders both inside and outside the Hall.

The head of this initiative is Jessica "Jess" Grove. She volunteered for the position due to her experience with planning events and her belief that she would be able to do a great job. "I did not want to complain about not being given meaningful field trips while just sitting back and doing nothing about it," Jess explained. "Instead, I wanted to be a part of making those experiences possible for myself and my peers in the Institute." In order to do just that, Jess's responsibilities include communicating with Dr. Price about the ideas she and her team develop, establishing budgets, planning transportation, and meeting with cohort representatives to try and come up with field trip ideas that interest students across all six disciplines.

Her goal for the organization is to be able to eventually bring students to Washington, D.C. to see and experience the leadership aspects in places like the FBI Headquarters, the White House, and various museums and historical landmarks. "I think it would be really cool for everyone to have this opportunity," Jess said with an excited smile. "It would be a trip that actually leaves an impression on students instead of just occupying their time." In terms of her own personal goals, Jess hopes to one day join the Peace Corps, work as a U.S. diplomat, and hold a job that deals with U.S. and/or foreign affairs. This explains her fascination with the leadership opportunities in Washington D.C. and adds a personal touch to her goal for the initiative.

Jess currently works at the Division of Volunteer Efforts, known by students as DOVE. Her current work with DOVE involves planning campus-wide volunteer trips and opportunities, which has helped to prepare her for heading the Field Trip Initiative. She is currently working with DOVE to try to plan some meaningful volunteer trips for the Institute, as she feels an important part of being an effective leader is giving back and helping the community. She strongly believes in the Michelle Obama quote, "Success isn't about how much money you make. It's about the difference you make in peoples' lives." Jess would like to spread this idea through the Institute by organizing some community service-based field trips.

Jess embodies the nature of a selfless leader in both her mentality and her actions. She has incorporated her ideas and philosophy into the Field Trip Initiative, making it her own. As a result, the initiative has currently focused on embodying the pillar of Civic Engagement, as Jess hopes to provide leadership experience through volunteer efforts. Jess also mentioned that she and her team are trying to incorporate each of the seven pillars in the upcoming trips that they are working on. Though she cannot give the specific names of these trips quite yet, she is very excited about their prospects and says that everyone should keep a close eye out for their reveal.

The Field Trip Initiative's next affair is the Family Fun Event, taking place on Friday, April 12th. This event is for the freshman Buccino Leadership Institute students and is an opportunity for student bonding through games and other activities. This event should be an exciting way to cultivate strong relationships between students in the Buccino Leadership Institute, and we have Jessica Grove and her team to thank.

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