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The Stillman Women’s Leadership Program at the Business Center of the Buccino Leadership Institute


The Women's Leadership Program currently hosted in the Business Center of the Buccino Leadership Institute is designed to prepare women to enter a workforce that traditionally underserved their needs and talents. Often the minority, women have a different experience than men in the business world. A woman in business has to deal with issues of sexual discrimination, finding a healthy work-life balance, and climbing upwards in a world dominated usually by men. 

This program seeks to proactively support these women by offering resources and mentorship that will challenge them to think proactively and learn how to advocate for themselves in the workplace. In the Business Center, the program hopes to bolster the women of the program so that they enter the workforce better prepared and equipped to be as successful as they were always bound to be. 

The program has evolved over time, but mentorship has remained the core offering. Each student is paired with an executive mentor who is a woman that has experience in the business and professional world. The nature of every mentorship is different to address the unique needs of each student. Available as soon as their freshman year, students get the opportunity to network and learn in a safe environment from a trusted mentor of the Business Center, as well as hear about their mentor's experiences personally and professionally. 

Mentors can give back and inspire the next generation of female leaders, while also learning from their perspective too. The best mentorships extend beyond the students' time at Seton Hall as life-long connections can form. Overall, the tone and direction of the relationship are entrusted in the hands of the mentor and mentee that allows for right relationships to flourish and for all mentorships to bring value. 


The value that this program brings centers on three key values. 

  • Connection - connection emphasizes the need for women to support other women. The first step in breaking stereotypical depictions of women in taking steps to foster connections that broaden perspectives. 
  • Confidence - confidence points to a key skill that often acts as the bridge between seeing and achieving a goal. This program aims to continually develop these young students into young professionals that act and walk with confidence. 
  • Community - community is a testament to the ideas of security and support that this program seeks to provide. Offering a place for women to gather, connection and discuss their struggles and questions builds community that strengthens everyone who participates.

Altogether, these three values help foster a strong, tight-knit relationship that helps women grow both as a business professional, leader and person.

Become a Mentor

If you would be interested in participating in this program as a mentor, please contact Ruchin Kansal at