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Message from the Director

Dear Visitor,

Michael ReuterWelcome to the the Center for Leadership Development's website. I am proud and honored to introduce you to the Seton Hall Stillman School of Business Leadership Development Honors Program, and to share with you information about our Program and the extraordinary opportunities it offers those exceptional individuals who have the passion and commitment to be more than they ever dreamed that they could be.

The Center's mission captures our uncompromising commitment to excellence and service to our members in preparing them to be future global leaders in their chosen career, profession and community: "To develop extraordinary leaders who will be recognized for the values and principles by which they live, their vision and purpose in life, the outstanding results that they achieve, their leadership of people, their service to the community in which they live and their love, dedication and caring for those they touch."

During their four-year journey, student leaders participate in unique learning opportunities and experiences that broaden and deepen their already-proven ability to be highly effective leaders. Development of self-knowledge early in the students' university career is a key focus since it is the foundation for highly effective and successful leadership. Special leadership courses explore leadership theory as well as their practical and operational application. From the freshman through senior year, students engage with senior executives and business professionals, who serve as their mentors and coaches, to learn from their rich and varied leadership experiences and challenges.

Throughout their university career the Program provides opportunities for members to assume high-visibility leadership roles that allow them to test, hone and demonstrate their leadership skills in a real-world environment. At the end of their four-year journey these highly motivated student leaders have a track record of academic excellence and successes, highly developed and tested leadership skills and a deep understanding of and commitment to servant leadership of people. They have a high degree of self-confidence, a strong sense of their life's purpose and a passion to succeed in all that they do.

We welcome you to explore the great and exciting opportunities that this Program offers in developing and growing your leadership skills, abilities and talents that will enable you to achieve your life's purpose.

William Jennings Bryan, 19th century statesman, politician and lawyer said: "Destiny is no matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not something to be waited on; it is something to be achieved." The choice is in your hands. Choose wisely; choose well. Choose Leadership; change your life forever!

Have a beautiful day and a magnificent journey!!!

Michael M. Reuter
Director, Center for Leadership Development
Stillman School of Business
Seton Hall University

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