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Joseph A. Unanue Latino Institute to Honor Graduating Class of Scholars and Leading Administrator of College of Education  

Photo of Dr. Omayra ArochoThe Joseph A. Unanue Latino Institute is proud to announce it will be hosting the second annual Scholarship Recognition Brunch on Saturday, May 11, in the Jubilee Atrium. The Scholarship Recognition Brunch will celebrate the success of Unanue Scholars, commemorate graduating seniors and honor the achievement of a trailblazing administrator of Seton Hall University.

The event will provide the opportunity for Unanue scholars, along with their family members, friends and University mentors, to join in celebration for a year marked by achievement and scholastic attainment. 

Additionally, Omayra Arocho, Ph.D., a Seton Hall alumna and the Associate Dean of College Engagement and Community Development for the College of Education and Human Services, will be awarded the Unanue Institute's Avancé Award, created to honor an individual's exceptional leadership and dedication to serving the Latino community of Seton Hall.

Dr. Arocho is a cherished advisor within her College and frequently encourages students to become Unanue Scholars. She is also a regular attendee of campus-sponsored events, consistently showing her support and appreciation of student leadership. Notably, Dr. Arocho's doctoral dissertation, "Understanding Latina Doctoral Student Experiences: Negotiating Ethnic Identity and Academic Success," exemplifies her scholarship and dedication to Latina academic success. 

Additionally, the Unanue Institute will award special honor cords to both graduating scholars and Unanue Latino Institute Work Study Fellows on their achievements across the 2018-2019 academic year. 

To RSVP, please contact Spencer Hinton, Graduate Assistant, at or call the Unanue Institute at (973) 761-9422.

About the Latino Institute: 
Inspired by the legacy of Joseph A. Unanue, the Latino Institute at Seton Hall University advances, educates and transforms students into the next generation of servant leaders in our ever-changing global society. With the Institute's support and guidance, students can fulfill their potential as servant leaders through cultural programming, designed to build stronger linkages to their heritage, and academic scholarship, mentorship, skill development and critical thinking. Since its inception, the Latino Institute has provided nearly one million dollars in scholarship aid. To learn more or apply for a scholarship, visit the Latino Institute's website.

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For more information, please contact:

  • Spencer Hinton
  • (973) 761-9422
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