Seton Hall University

Our Values, Mission and Vision

Vatican LogoOur values, mission and values flow from God's call to serve and be a blessing to the world. All three are guided by the underlying principles of the constitutions and decrees of the Second Vatican Council, especially Nostra Aetate and the Holy See's documents to implement the Church's relationship with the Jewish people.

Our Values

The Institute of Judaeo-Christian Studies holds an essential set of core values to be the foundation of our identity as they define, inform and guide all of our actions. We therefore commit ourselves to advancing:

  • The Catholic Tradition that promotes sincere and honest ecumenical exchange and interreligious dialogue without compromising intellectual integrity or our commitment to Church teachings and the Jewish-Christian moral heritage from which the Church's moral vision is derived
  • Service, Stewardship and Collaboration that is founded on God's abiding love and God's call to reconcile divisions and to advance universal peace while demonstrating compassion, cooperation, charity and justice
  • Free and Open Discourse, Study and Creative Expression that promotes the dignity of all persons and seeks to deepen Jewish-Christian dialogue and collaboration
  • Responsibility for Continued Growth in greater understanding and wisdom, including intellectual development, moral formation and continuous self-reflection, improvement and correction
  • Excellence as a driving force in teaching, research, scholarship, publication, engagement and service in all areas

Our Mission

The Institute of Judaeo-Christian Studies' mission is to develop, encourage and increase the collaborative peace-building efforts of Jewish and Christian scholars, theologians, educators and students through local, national and international research, publication, education and engagement.

We forward our mission by conducting and publishing in-depth research, sponsoring educational programs and convening interreligious, scholarly exchanges and public forums devoted to examining the Church's rootedness in Judaism and to studying the academic and historical aspects of Jewish-Christian relations. Through this critical awareness, we endeavor to collaborate with Jewish and Christian scholars and theologians as we instruct and shape educators and students:

  • To integrate and strengthen shared fundamental values, practices, traditions and principles that guide moral decisions and offer deeper insights into the mystery of God and his creation
  • To examine and correct theological, textual and cultural fallacies and assumptions that result in religious bigotry, animosity, negative images and conflict
  • To address increasingly complex religious, ethical and social issues in order to promote justice and peace
  • To participate in research, programs and initiatives that contribute to the search for justice and peace in the world
  • To appreciate the Jewish heritage and its impact in the daily lives of both Jews and Christians
  • To recognize the ways in which the Church is indebted to the Jewish tradition in her inner life, prayers and liturgical practices

Our Vision

The Institute of Judaeo-Christian Studies' vision is to be internationally recognized as a premier center of research, publication, education and engagement in Jewish-Christian studies and relations and a leading catalyst in uniting Jews and Christians in building a more just and peaceful world.

To realize our vision, we will center our resources, programs and initiatives on:

  • Forging strong partnerships with diverse global leaders, organizations, foundations, communities, scholars and theologians
  • Collaborating with educators, students and all persons of goodwill who are committed to joining with us in forwarding our mission and answering God's call to advance peace throughout our world.