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Graduate Programs in Jewish-Christian Studies

Master of Arts in Jewish-Christian Studies

color-sealIn 1975 the Institute of Judaeo-Christian Studies developed the United States' first and only Master's in Jewish-Christian Studies graduate program, which has become a model for eliminating prejudice through understanding. This Master's (M.A.) program was united with the undergraduate Department of Religious Studies to become the Department of Religion in 2010.

The unique M.A. curriculum builds critical academic bases for understanding Jewish and Christian values and traditions by focusing on the study of sacred texts in their historical and social world context and by utilizing critical methods to promote an honest and comprehensive analysis of the individuals and communities that produced them. This Jewish-Christian critical awareness trains students how to deconstruct bigotry and intolerance and how to effectively address complex religious, ethical and social issues that promote peace and justice.

Students may complete a thesis track or a non-thesis track, depending on their academic, professional and/or personal goals. The former track is designed for those students who want to continue in doctoral studies or who want to make a meaningful contribution in research in some aspect of Jewish-Christian studies while the latter track is designed for students who are pursuing a terminal graduate degree. Both tracks require students to complete a biblical Hebrew language requirement.

Master of Arts in Theology with a Concentration in Judaeo-Christian Studies

Theology SealThe Immaculate Conception Seminary School of Theology (ICSST) offers the Master of Arts in Theology program. This program imparts students with a substantial academic background in specific theological disciplines in two formats: general and research. The general M.A. is for students seeking a terminal degree in Theology that allows them to pursue in-depth studies without a formal research component.

The general M.A. is well-suited for persons teaching at the secondary school level. The research M.A. serves as the basis for further graduate studies and includes language reading and research requirements usually deemed prerequisites to doctoral studies. ICSST's M.A. in Theology allows students to choose from five concentrations, including one in Judaeo-Christian Studies in collaboration with the University's Department of Religion.

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