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frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to many common questions about the Ph.D. in Health Sciences program can be found on the following webpages:

Answers to a select number of other frequently asked questions are below.

How many credits does it take to graduate?
Our Ph.D. in Health Sciences degree is 57 credits beyond the master's degree or 48 credits beyond the clinical doctorate degree.

Do you allow part-time status?
Yes. Students can complete the program at a part-time or full-time pace.

Can I work while enrolled in the program?
The majority of our students are employed full-time while pursuing their Ph.D. degree.

How long does it take to get the PhD degree?
As the program accommodates both full- and part-time students, the time-to-complete varies depending on a student's time commitment to the program. A reasonable expectation is between four and eight years.

How frequently are the classes offered?
Classes are offered once a week and are currently scheduled either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday night.

Will I be doing a research project?
Yes. Our Ph.D. students design, implement and defend a dissertation study.

What major exams are required?
The Qualifying Exam is taken after the student completes the four key research courses; it evaluates the student's basic research skills. The Candidacy Exam is taken as the student is completing the classroom portion of the program; it evaluates the student's knowledge and understanding of his or her research topic. The Dissertation Defense is the final evaluation; it evaluates the student's ability to defend his or her research studies.

Will an advisor be assigned to me?
Each student is assigned an advisor when he or she is admitted.

Are all courses offered on campus?
Most courses are currently campus-based. In response to student interest, some courses have utilized web-based class work.

Are online courses available?
We are primarily a campus-based program, but we do have a few online classes, and some courses utilize a blended format.

If I am accepted, what is the next step?
You will be assigned your faculty advisor, who will help you plan your beginning coursework.

How long does the admissions committee take to inform candidates of admissions decisions?
Admission decisions are made on a rolling basis and are usually communicated within one month of the application.

How do I handle tuition reimbursement if my employer is paying for my degree program?
Some students are offered full or partial tuition reimbursement by their employers. Check with your employer for more information. Tuition reimbursement is typically processed at the end of a semester. If you are offered reimbursement, you will still be responsible for initial payments on your tuition. Contact the Seton Hall University Office of the Bursar for more information.