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Faculty Fellows

Wagdy Abdallah*
Paula Alexander 
Amar Amar*
Joan Coll* 
John Dall   
John Ford 
John J. Harrington, Jr.
Richard J. Hunter, Jr.*
Chander Kant
Gary Kritz 
Tony Loviscek
Héctor R. Lozada

Larry McCarthy
Athar Murtuza
Agnes Olszewski
Karen Passaro
Robert Shapiro
Sung Shim
Leigh Stelzer
William Stoever (emeritus)
Eleanor Xu
Jason Yin
Yeomin Yoon
* Indicates founding member

Charter of Rights and Responsibilities for the Fellows

A Fellow should engage in one or more of the following activities, as appropriate:    
  • Engage in academic and professional research on topics concerning international business;
  • Teach courses either solely or primarily dedicated to international business topics or which contain significant international content, especially the undergraduate International Business Colloquium or the graduate International Perspectives course;
  • Present papers at appropriate academic or professional conferences or at meetings dealing with international business issues or aspects;
  • Participate in panels, discussions, colloquia and meetings on topics relevant to international business;
  • Engage in individual foreign travel or participate in foreign academic programs or exchanges;
  • Engage in appropriate foreign teaching and research exchange programs or assignments;
  • Create new international business course offerings;
  • Host and welcome foreign academics, colleagues, students and other visitors to Seton Hall University and to the Stillman School;
  • Participate appropriately in the activities of the Institute for International Business;
  • Include the designation "Faculty Fellow of the Institute for International Business" as appropriate.