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Substitution for BINT 5001

To develop the internationalization of the Stillman undergraduate student it was agreed by the faculty to allow the substitution of a Stillman-sponsored overseas trip, or one sponsored an AACSB-accredited peer school, for BINT 5001.

The following is how the substitution process is designed:

  1. The student requests of their advisor consideration for a trip in their program of study and for it to substitute for BINT 5001.
  2. The student, at least one week prior to the departure of the trip, notifies the Director of the Institute of International Business of their intent to seek a BINT substitution.
  3. Upon successful completion of the trip course work, as decided by the academic leader of the trip, the student applies for the details of the BINT substitution process from the Director of the Institute of International Business.
  4. The Director of the Institute evaluates the work submitted for the BINT substitution. Upon successful completion of the assigned work the substitution paperwork will be forwarded to the Dean's Office.