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Curriculum for M.A. in History

The program is designed to allow for completion of the graduate degree in four semesters (two years of study) for full-time students. During their first year of graduate study, students are expected to enroll in three approved graduate-level courses per semester. During their second year of study, students are expected to enroll in the remaining four approved graduate level courses. Though this is designed for completion within two years, students have the freedom to complete their course work, research, and writing over a longer span of time by attending on a part-time basis.

Degree Requirements

The Master of Arts (M.A.) in History is a 10 course (30 credits) program with two tracks: Thesis Track and Examination Track. All students must take HIST 6190 The Historian’s Craft and at least one Graduate Seminar (GS) course (HIST 7221-7550). Involving intensive reading, these Graduate Seminars are intended to familiarize students with the major historiographical trends in specific fields of historical inquiry.

The Thesis Track requires successful completion of a two-semester sequence, Thesis I and Thesis II (6 credits). Those wishing to pursue doctoral studies in other institutions are strongly urged to complete a thesis.

The Examination Track requires successful completion of a comprehensive examination with written and oral elements in the final semester of study. Students opting for the Examination Track must also complete another 3-credit elective to fulfill their 30 credit degree requirement.

In addition to the Director of Graduate Studies, all students must work with a designated departmental adviser who will act as a mentor for his or her program of studies. This adviser will be assigned to the student in consultation with the Department Chair, the Director of Graduate Studies, and the Faculty member in question.

For both Thesis and Examination Tracks, students may choose to specialize in areas of departmental strength (US history, European history, Global history, Catholic history) but are also encouraged to take a broad range of electives.

B.A./M.A. Dual Degree Option

This study option is designed to allow for completion of both the undergraduate (B.A.) and graduate (M.A.) degrees in a total of 10 semesters (five years of study). After having completed 75 credits toward a B.A. with at least 21 credits in history, students may apply for admission to this joint degree program. Accepted candidates will normally be expected to enroll in two approved graduate-level history courses each semester of their senior year of study for a total of 12 credits. During the fifth year of study, students will be expected to enroll in a total of three approved graduate-level courses each semester for a total of 18 credits.

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