Seton Hall University

Services Provided

  • Dermatology
    Routine skin disorders such as rash, minor skin infections.

  • General Primary Care
    Physical exams, common health problems including upper respiratory tract infections, stomach issues, injuries, and chronic health problems such as asthma, diabetes, acne, dermatology.

  • Health Education
    Information and counseling for varied conditions, nutrition, substance use, weight management.

  • Immunizations
    State and University required immunizations, HPV, Hepatitis A, Influenza (Flu).

  • Laboratory Services
    Routine blood drawing, quick tests for strep throat, mononucleosis, urinary tract infections.

  • Men's Health Care
    Testicular examinations. Testing for sexually transmitted infections.

  • Mental Health
    Mental health screenings. Crisis intervention for acute mental health problems in collaboration with the Counseling and Psychological Services Center.

  • Referrals
    Outside medical specialists, nutritionists and radiologists as necessary.

  • Sports Medicine
    Evaluation and management of sport-related conditions, injuries.

  • Travel Consultation
    Pre travel counseling, select vaccines, post travel care. Completion of form request/vaccine summary.

  • Women's Health Care/Gynecology
    Pelvic and breast examinations; Pap testing, women's health care issues, testing for sexually transmitted infections.