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Undergraduate Research Support Program  

Medical ResearchIn concert with the Prestigious Fellowships program, the Provost's Office announces the third annual Undergraduate Research Support program designed to stimulate and facilitate the undergraduate participation in professional research. The Program offers opportunities for students to learn key skills that are necessary for the performance of research including research methods and the development of scholarly products that can come in the form of: (1) an abstract that is submitted for peer review (or equivalent) at an external conference; (2) performing a poster and oral presentation at an external conference; or (3) the drafting and submission of a manuscript to a peer-reviewed journal. Students will develop their strategic abilities through a mentored learning experience that will enable them to create a clear vision to address technological or societal challenges through a structured research activity. Students can expect to work closely with faculty mentors, whether in an assistant role or doing their own research.

Faculty are invited to propose research activities for grants of $1000. We anticipate making up to 10 awards.

Funded projects can be proposed to begin in Spring and/or Summer 2022

Proposal Guidelines

Due Date – Monday, January 31, 2022. Proposals should be up to three pages; format to include: 1) Title of the project; 2) Name of the student(s); 3) Advisor name; 4) Problem statement (What problem are you trying to address through research or product development?); 5) Significance (Why is the problem important? What is the value proposition?); 6) Outcomes and deliverables / specific goals; 7) List of proposed tasks that will be performed by students with a timeline of benchmarks and key activities to be completed during the project; and 8) Itemized budget.

Timeline – Awards will be announced by Thursday, February 10, 2022 

Project period – Spring/Summer 2022

Final Report

Listing outcomes and deliverables. This should include specific accomplishments and lessons learned. Existing research programs are eligible, but faculty should make clear how the support will allow the increase of research participation by undergraduates. With sufficient applications, we will seek to fund a balance of new and enhanced projects, senior and tenure track faculty, and disciplines. Highest priority will be given to projects that involve multiple students in multiple departments. 

Proposals should be submitted by January 31st to Drs. Peter Shoemaker and Matt Escobar. Both may be contacted with questions as well.

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For more information, please contact:

  • Michael LaFountaine
  • (973) 275-2918