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How to Take a Language Placement Test

Instructions for Taking a Language Placement Test

  1. Using the links below, locate the language you want to test for.
  2. Follow the link in the pdf to access the testing platform.
  3. Use the given username and password to log in to that language's test platform.
  4. Fill in the information as instructed as you move through the registration process.
    • If you took a test in the past and are taking a new one in a different language, you can add a 2 after your last name to create a new/unique login.
  5. Once you complete the registration, you can begin the test.


  • You do not have to complete the test in one sitting. You can leave, log off, and return at a later time. Use the log in information you created to access your existing test.
  • Once you complete the online test, it takes up to one week (in business days) to be scored.
  • You will be contacted with your placement when it becomes available. You will use this placement to register for the appropriate class.

Select the language you want to test for below:
Arabic  |  Chinese (Simplified)  |  Chinese (Traditional)  |  French  |  German  |  Italian  |  Japanese  |  Latin  |  Russian  |  Spanish

Testing in Another Language Not Taught at SHU

Seton Hall does not provide placement tests for languages not taught here. However, students can take proficiency tests in a large variety of other languages—e.g., Polish, Urdu, Tagalog, Yoruba, etc.—at their own cost (around $165) and submit the results to the Global Learning Center. The results might allow you to fulfill your degree program’s language requirement in the same way as students who place out of a language that is taught here. Follow these instructions to access the outside test for your preferred language.