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Federal Drug Procedure for Financial Aid Recipients

Students who are convicted of drug possession or drug (selling) distribution while they are enrolled and receiving financial aid will automatically be disqualified to receive federal financial aid.

The period of ineligibility for federal financial aid is as follows:

Offense Possession of Illegal Drugs Sales of Illegal Drugs
First 1 year of ineligibility from the date of conviction 2 years of ineligibility from the date of conviction 
Second 2 years of ineligibility from the date of conviction   *Indefinite period of ineligibility
Third or more  *Indefinite period of ineligibility *Indefinite period of ineligibility

*Under the law, an indefinite period of ineligibility continues unless your conviction is overturned or otherwise rendered invalid or you meet one of the two early reinstatement requirements specified below

You can shorten the period of ineligibility by:

  • Successfully completing an approved drug rehabilitation program that includes passing two unannounced drug tests, or
  • Passing two unannounced drug tests administered by an approved drug rehabilitation program, or
  • Having the conviction reversed, set aside, or otherwise rendered invalid

If you do not wish to pursue early reinstatement of your eligibility you can calculate the date at which you would regain eligibility by completing the worksheet found here »

Effective Date

May 4, 2016