Seton Hall University

Grant Accounting

The offices and functions which comprise Financial Affairs at Seton Hall University are general accounting, grants accounting, Investment and treasury operating, tax compliance and procurement.

Office of General Accounting

The Office of General Accounting is responsible for the integrity of the University's financial records and for assuring that the transactions entered into the University's General Ledger are recorded in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and the Accounting Policies of the University.

General Accounting Director
Nic Quesada
Bayley Hall, Room 4
Telephone: (973) 761-9512

Office of Grants and Sponsored Accounting

The Office of Grants and Sponsored Accounting is responsible for monitoring and executing the post-award administration of sponsored activity for the University. To accomplish this task, the Office of Grants and Sponsored Accounting maintains: (a) an effective grants management system to monitor compliance with fiscal and reporting requirements as established by Federal and State law, agency regulations, University policy and procedures, and generally accepted accounting standards; (b) an effective cash management system to ensure the payment of obligations and the collection of funds; (c) an accurate general ledger information to ensure proper financial presentation of sponsored activity within University financial records; and (d) a support structure for University personnel engaged in research activity. 

The Office of Grants and Sponsored Accounting regularly monitors activity and coordinates with pre-award departments, financial offices, departmental administrators, and principal investigators to ensure proper post-award compliance.  The Office of Grants and Sponsored Accounting assists in the training of those involved in sponsored activities with courses offered through the office of Research Administration.

Brenda Dunlop
Bayley Hall, Room 6
Telephone: (973) 761-9324