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TESOL Certification Program Documents

The TESOL program consists of 15 graduate credits in the Department of Educational Studies. The program coursework is approved by the NJ Dept of Education for K-12 ESL certification purposes. While our TESOL program does not function to prepare individuals for an initial state teacher certification, it does serve two primary audiences:

TESOL Program Fieldwork Placement Form 

This form initiates a process wherein the TESOL program director locates and secures a 20 hour field placement in order to fulfill a course requirement. If the TESOL student already has access to a placement location, this form is not required. The form can be printed and filled out or submitted electronically below. 

Submission Due Dates: 

  • For Fall placements (EDST 6505) please submit before August 1st. 
  • For Spring placements (EDST 6506) please submit before January 1st. 

Attention Students! During the first conversation with your hosting teacher, TESOL students should complete the following five tasks:

  1. Deliver TESOL placement letter to hosting teacher. (Note: Received from program director as soon as placement is confirmed.)
  2. Share paper copies of course syllabus and field placement assignment with hosting teacher.
  3. Discuss a schedule for the required 20 placement hours.
  4. Start the conversation about opportunities for you to lead instruction during the placement (Note: EDST 6505 = 80% observe and 20% teach / EDST 6506 = 20% observe and 80% teach)
  5. Start the conversation about the single supervisor visit during your placement.

Finished Completing the Form?

Deliver the completed placement form by regular mail, electronically, or by hand. 

Regular Mail Electronic Submission In person

Bryan Meadows 
Dept. of Educational Studies
400 South Orange Ave
South Orange, NJ 07079

(Complete the form above.) Bryan Meadows 
Dept. of Educational Studies
Jubilee Hall, Room 437
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