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Curriculum: M.A., Special Education

(36 credits) Required Courses-21 credits

EDST 6441 Serving Diverse Learners I: Foundations, Special Education Laws and Impact on Schools & Families 3
EDST 6442 Serving Diverse Learners II:  Psychological Foundations, Disabilities, Accommodations, Transitions & Community Resources 3
EDST 6446 Assessment for Special Education & Diverse Learners 3 3
EDST 6307 Integrating Curriculum and Technology in the Inclusive Classroom* 3
EDST 6445 Creating an Environment for Diverse Learners: Curriculum, Strategies, Tools, & Materials 3
EDST 6440 Behavioral Disorders: Theory, Treatment & Classroom Mgmt 3
EDST 6444 Autism Spectrum Disorders: Theory, Treatment, and Practice 3

Instructional Design concentration

EDST 6216 Digital Research & Information Literacy 3
EDST 6304 Production of Instructional Resources I 3
EDST 6305 Production of Instructional Resources II 3
EDST 6344 Seminar: Social, Ethical, Legal Issues in Technology 3
EDST 6306 Instructional Design (Capstone final course) 3

* EDST6216 should be taken during your first semester of Master's courses.
** Do not take during the same semester as EDST6306.

*** EDST6306 - Capstone Course - must be taken your last semester and may not be combined with more than one course during that semester, including summer.
Production of Instructional Resources I, II, and III may be taken in any sequence. No prerequisite skills required.

Special Education Transition Concentration

EDST 7452 Intro to Transition Education and Services for Students with Disabilities Part 1 3
EDST 7453 Intro to Transition Education and Services for Students with Disabilities Part 2 3
EDST 7454 Transition Assessment: Planning Transition and IEP Development for Youth with Disabilities 3
EDST 7455 The Collaborative Transition Model: An Interdisciplinary/Interagency Approach to a District-Wide Transition Plan 3
EDST XXXX Elective 3

Applied Behavior Analysis Concentration

EDST 7316 Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis 3
EDST 7317 Measurement and Experimental Design in Applied Behavior Analysis 3
EDST 7318 Assessment and Intervention in Applied Behavior Analysis 3
EDST 7319 Basic Applications of Applied Behavior Analysis 3
EDST 7320 Advanced Application of Applied Behavior Analysis 3
EDST 7321 Ethical, Legal, and Professional Issues for Behavior Analysis 3


EDST 7324 ABA Practicum I (Public/Private School) 3
EDST 7325 ABA Practicum II (Clinic/Agency) 3
EDST 7236 ABA Practicum III (Hospital/Residential Treatment Program) 3

If you have taken any of these courses at SHU within the last 5 years you do not have to repeat the course.
Students must take at least 15 credits at Seton Hall to receive the state endorsement.

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