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Curriculum: B.S.E., Secondary and Special Education

Candidates in the program complete a (i) full major from the College of Arts and Sciences; (ii) a full major in education including secondary and special education, and (iii) a general education sequence. Faculty advisors work with education majors, beginning in the first year, providing guidance about major selection and academic planning.

Candidates in the secondary education program are required to complete three diverse clinical experiences prior to the yearlong senior clinical experience and practice (effective for candidates completing the program in 2017-2018 and beyond). The clinical experiences provide candidates an opportunity to work with students with and without disabilities. For more details, click here »

Special Education Sequence

CPSY 1001 Diverse Learners and Their Families Part I 3
CPSY 1002 Diverse Learners and Their Families Part II 3
CPSY 2101 Learning Disabilities 3
CPSY 2102 Developmental Disabilities 3
CPSY 3103 Psycho-Educational Diagnosis and Assessment in Special Education 3
CPSY 3400 Literacy and Numeracy Strategies for Diverse Learners 3


Secondary Education Sequence

EDST1501 Education in the United States: Past and Present 3
EDST3510 Culture, Community, and Schools 3
EDST1301 Educational Psychology and Classroom Practice 3
EDST2003 Instructional Theory Into Practice (With 60 hour clinical experience) 3
EDST2005 Teaching Math in the Diverse Classroom* 3
EDST3005 Literacy Across the Curriculum* 3
DST3513-4/ EDST3601-5 Subject Methods (With 60 hour clinical experience) 3
EDST2501 Introduction to Philosophy of Education and Curriculum Development (With 60 hour clinical experience) 3
EDST 4500 Senior Internship (Student teaching begins in Fall semester two days a week in cooperating teacher's classroom and continues with full clinical practice in the Spring) 6

*Fulfills requirement for special education certification.

University Core

CORE 1000 University Life 1
CORE 1101 Journey of Transformation 3
CORE 2101 Christianity and Culture in Dialogue 3
CORE 3101 Engaging the World (student choice of sections) 3
ENGL 1201 Core English I 3
ENGL 1202 Core English II 3
MATH 1061 Math for Educators 3
SCIENCE Any Course 3
HISTORY Any Course 3
(Student Choice) Additional course in English, History, Math or Science 3
ART or MUSIC Any Course 3
PSYC 1213 Adolescent Psychology 3

Liberal Arts Major: Every education major must complete a full major from Arts and Sciences. Education advisors will work with students to determine the major that will best meet their interests and address licensure opportunities. Majors in Arts and Sciences are a minimum of 36 credits.

**Note: Social Work is NOT an option for a co-major with education.