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Seton Hall University

Administration and Staff

Main Telephone : (973) 761-9161 / Fax: (973) 275-2364


Majid Whitney
Associate Dean/Director, Educational Opportunity Fund Programs

Carroll Alston
Associate Director, Counseling/Enrollment Services

Dr. Maurice Ene
Associate Director, CLIA

Musa Manneh
Assistant to the Director


Michelle D. Bell
EOP Secretary

Margaret Sample
Administrative Assistant

Student Developmental Specialists

Jihan Ahmed
Student Developmental Specialist

Donnell Pierre
Student Developmental Specialist

Teresitia Walters
Student Developmental Specialist

Jasmine H. Boddie
Student Developmental Specialist

Academic Specialists

Sandra Vanegas
Academic Specialist/Math

Bernadette Wilkowski
Academic Specialist/ English

Graduate Assistants

Qariah Lucas
Graduate Assistant/CLIA

Melissa Hurtado
Graduate Assistant/Counseling

Kiana Bernard
Graduate Assistant/ Enrollment Services


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