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Elementary/Special Education (4+2) Major Jodiann Morgan: A World Changer  

Picture of Jodiann Morgan smiling towards the camera.A trailblazer is ignited to light the path for others to walk on. According to Elementary/ Special Education (4+2) Major Jodiann Morgan, trailblazers are summoned from all walks of life. They manifest a sense of empowerment to overcome problems and bring people closer to together. Jodiann represents and embodies what it means to be a trailblazer, evidenced in her passion and the platforms she has created to bring people together and empower them.

Jodiann describes how storytelling through words catalyzes her passion. Since high school, she has been writing poems and finding her voice through journaling. "One of the things about poetry that has always gripped my heart is its versatility. There are so many different forms, shapes, and angles that any writer can use to mold poetry to fit what they intend to communicate to readers." According to Jodiann, one of the most powerful things about poetry is the amount of permission that it gives a writer to find their tone and voice– through the experiencing and expressing of emotions a guide to steer the work. "For those who are feeling sorrowful, joyful, at peace, contentment, absolute numbness, or even anger, poetry never fails to communicate what comes from the heart. Your heart cannot hide from poetry…poetry gives you room to be you."

The words of her poems served as a foundation for finding her voice; however, little did she know that those poems would be read and admired by others. Her first book is a collection of poems entitled "Broken Pieces Into A Whole: Where All Pieces Come Together." According to Jodiann, the book "was the truest challenge and breakthrough for me as a writer." Broken Pieces Into A Whole: Where All Pieces Come Together is composed of poems centered on spiritual oppression, emotional residues, and true victory in every aspect. "Each poem functions as mirrors and windows for others to reflect through to accept their brokenness," Jodiann said. Through her poems and book, she hoped to help others gain insight into the scope of her own experiences and tribulations that she has fostered into a central point of purpose in her life.

"My inspiration for this collection of poems was born from my own challenges in life, personal crises, and the seas of disappointments, discouragements, and anxieties that I could barely keep my head up for but God was my life jacket and what could have killed me was transformed into what brought me life." She describes how she wanted to share her journey to connect with and touch others who are experiencing difficulties of their own. "As I wrote those poems, there were some days that I cried as the thought of those who struggle with depression, identity crises, mental battles, and spiritual imprisonment in silence plagued my mind." Even on days when she did not want to write, she found inspiration in the feeling of being able to provide others space to find their voice but are restricted by fear and doubts. Within her poems is the central theme of finding meaning in her pain to provide a platform for others to do the same. "As I wrote those poems, there were some days that I cried as the thought of those who struggle with depression, identity crises, mental battles, and spiritual imprisonment." Hoping to use words and storytelling as a vessel of revival to others' lives and dreams. 

Picture of Jodiann Morgan laughing with hands on her hips.The poems and words written by Jodiann catapulted her towards continuing to peruse ways of making an impact and fostering unity and connectivity. She created a platform for young entrepreneurs, which appears to reflect the main theme of her poem—creating your own voice and meaning. According to Jodiann, "my primary goal is to build a community that consists of individuals who are, not only entrepreneurs, lifelong students and pursue greatness and excellence rather than acquisitions of instant gratification. The platform is also a space for individuals to press forward in discovering their greatest potential and connecting with others who may inspire them."  

For Jodiann the term 'entrepreneur' comes with misconceptions and a connotation that someone has mastered all aspects of business. She defines an entrepreneur as someone who continually works to set themselves and others in a position that aligns with a true and genuine sense of who they are. "I think it is important for people to download and unlock the different outlooks of who they really are and of their true identities in all areas of life," she said. Creativity comes from discovering aspects of oneself, and according to Jodiann, the failure to express this creativity comes from a lack of resources, encouragement, and not having those not having those models and examples in their own families or communities to be inspired by," often resulting in and inner fears or doubts. Consequently, her platform seeks to help others tap into unlocking their own identity, which opens the doors of manifestation for entrepreneurship and creativity. For Jodiann, "there is an entrepreneur in every one," and "everyone has the capacity and ability to organize, manage, and take risks for their passions to turn it into a profitable enterprise."

The work within her 'World Changer Academy' on her platform offers individuals the opportunity to manifest creativity and learn to perceive aspects of themselves never seen in action before. "The goal of these manifestations is to see yourself in action," she said. Drawing from personal experience, she hopes to help young, and growing entrepreneurs overcome comparing themselves to others and find comfort in being themselves. "Prominent things that nearly held me back: being myself, how negatively I spoke to my overall progression and capabilities, and making endless comparisons between my work and the work of others," she said. Thus, she hopes to help young entrepreneurs discover a new identity and create enduring communities of friends that can network as resources for each other and provide continual support throughout each individual's journey.

Her platform helps individuals grow to a place where they can be the solution and provide answers for problems and ultimately becomes a 'world changer.' According to Jodiann, "a world changer is a trailblazer who hungers for knowledge and seeks to discover pathways to gain access to the hidden treasures of our generation that will unlock our greatest potential. I define it as one who does not limit themselves to sky-level rather that they strive for kingdom-mindedness and higher operations to carve paths for others." Jodiann embodies and demonstrates what it means to be a 'world changer,' particularly concerning a continual hunger for knowledge, evidenced through pursuing the B.S.E., Elementary and Special Education, with an M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology, an integrated 4 + 2 program that offers dual certification in elementary and special education, combined with an M.S. in speech-language pathology provided through Seton Hall's School of Health and Medical Sciences.

"…What immediately grabbed my attention was the versatility of the opportunity," she said. Jodiann noted that she was fascinated by the fact that she would have the opportunity as a first-generation student to earn two degrees and even more intrigued by the fact that the program offered her the chance to pursue her dream career. "The more courses I took that were tied to both education and speech pathology, the more I realized that they coexist, and those two forces combined can really catapult me in the field." According to Jodiann, the program at Seton Hall helps her further pursue a dream of finding a career in "speech-language pathology and eventually opening up a practice with a team of occupational therapists, physical therapists, and other professionals." Likewise, a career and practice that can "evolve into a family that serves children and adults who have speech impediments, language disorders, and other communicative delays that need treatments and assistance for long-term improvement." 

She continued, "I am building my social skills daily and exercising those skills, and I can be spontaneous with my words." These are aspects of the program that simultaneously mirror the work she has accomplished and continues to drive on her platform.

For more information about Jodiann and her work, please visit her website here. To learn more about the 4+2 Elementary/Special Education and Speech Language Pathology dual degree program, please visit the program page here.

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