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Student Spotlight on Isabela de Oliveira  

isabela de oliveiraThis edition of student spotlight introduces Ms. Isabela de Oliveira, a student in the ESLP@SetonHall intensive English program. Isabela responded by email to a series of interview questions. Here is her story.

Before joining the ESLP program, Isabela was completing her undergraduate degree in Fortaleza, her home city in Brazil. She was working for a hospital as a processing assistant. Upon completing her undergraduate degree, she decided to join the ESL intensive English program with us at Seton Hall University.

She says she chose Seton Hall University for two main reasons. First, it was because of Seton Hall's excellent reputation and well-known name. Second, she visited campus before signing up for the program and was very well-received by the program director. She credits these two factors in helping her to make her decision to join the Seton Hall campus community.

Now, one year into her English studies on our campus, Isabela reports that she has been learning a lot about English through the study of academic subjects. She notes, for example, how the program textbooks explore various academic topics. She writes, "This is wonderful for developing our vocabulary". She also says that she has been working hard in the classes, practicing all areas of English language development like reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

When asked about a favorite assignment, she states that she most enjoys group assignments because she then has the opportunity to talk more with her classmates. When asked about a favorite assignment, she recalls a group assignment from an All Skills ESL class, one of many elective options available to students each semester.

She recounts: "The class was divided into groups. We had to create a product and make a presentation about the product. The assignment was very interesting and challenging."

After finishing the ESL@SetonHall intensive English program, Isabela plans to start her next challenge: a masters degree in the United States. We in the program have absolute confidence that Isabela will tackle that challenge with great success. As Isabela continues forward in her professional and academic goals, she will always have our support and advocacy here at Seton Hall University.

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