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Seton Hall Proudly Awards First Annual Police Graduate Studies Adjunct Professor of the Year Award to Longtime Adjuncts and Alumni  

Adjunct Professor award ceremony

David and Robert at the Award Ceremony

The Police Graduate Studies Program at Seton Hall proudly awarded its First Annual Police Graduate Studies Adjunct Professor of the Year Award to Robert Yaiser and Dr. David Costantino for their leadership and service to students in the program and the College of Education and Human Services (CEHS).

The Police Graduate Studies Program focuses on the practical application of leadership and management theories, the design and implementation of performance improvement strategies in organizations, and a strong emphasis on training and development. Robert Yaiser and David Costantino are two significant figures within the program that offer experience and knowledge to the curriculum, enabling students to acquire the necessary skills and tools to analyze complex public sector challenges and manage the day-to-day operations of public agencies.


Lieutenant David D. Costantino

Robert Yaiser and David Costantino are longtime adjuncts for the Police Graduate Studies Program and run the Buena Vista Site in South Jersey. Both are consummate professionals who have provided extensive experiential knowledge to the program. They are highly respected by the students they work with, reflected through countless emails and student evaluations praising their contributions to the program and the field.

Lieutenant David Costantino graduated from the New Jersey State Police Academy on October 3, 1997 as a member of the 117th State Police Class and is currently the Unit Head of the Intelligence Services Unit. LT Costantino served six years as a uniformed Trooper and eighteen years in various Detective assignments. His favorite assignment was the nine years he spent on the Philadelphia and Newark Joint Terrorism Task Forces (JTTF). LT Costantino earned three graduate degrees from Seton Hall University; a Master of Arts degree in 2004, Educational Specialist degree in 2009, and a Doctor of Education degree in 2014. Dr. Costantino has been an Adjunct Professor with Seton Hall University since 2014. He is also an Adjunct Professor at Stockton University.

major robert yaiser

Major Robert C. Yaiser

Professor Robert Yaiser is a retired New Jersey State Trooper. Major Yaiser served in all four branches of the Division of State Police in various assignments such as General Road Trooper, Undercover Narcotics Detective, Academy Instructor, and Troop Commander and retired as Commanding Officer of the Special Operations Section. He graduated from Seton Hall with honors, holds two master's degrees, an Ed.S degree, and is currently completing his Ed.D. in Higher Education Leadership, Management and Policy. Professor Yaiser has held teaching positions at Pennsylvania State University, Monmouth University, Fairleigh Dickinson University, and Ocean County College. He is a full-time educator at the Ocean County Law & Public Safety Academy.

Congratulations to CEHS Alumni Robert Yaiser, Ed.S. and David Costantino, Ed.D., on being the First Annual Police Graduate Studies Adjunct of the Year Award recipients; thank you for your service and contributions.

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