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Educational Studies Hosts Japanese Scholar for a One-Day Campus Visit  

Dr. Isono 2

Dr. Isono and Dr. Daly's EDST 1301 class.

The Department of Educational Studies hosted Dr. Tatsuya Isono, Professor of Comparative Linguistics (Seijo University, Japan), for a one-day campus visit on October 31, 2019. Dr. Isono's campus liaisons during his visit were Dr. Bryan Meadows (EDST) and Professor Daniel Aronoff (EDST).

Dr. Isono visited the EDST 1301 Educational Psychology class, led by Dr. James Daly. The class is for Seton Hall undergraduates majoring in secondary education. Dr. Isono provided the class with an informative lecture on the formal schooling system in Japan. He detailed the average school-day from the perspective of high school teachers and students. Additionally, he gave an overview of the process to teacher licensure in Tokyo. Dr. Daly next moderated a question-and-answer session with Dr. Isono for students.

Dr. Isono 4

A campus walking tour.

For the lunch hour, Dr. Isono re-connected with Seton Hall students who participated in the Japan short-term study abroad course during this past spring semester (EDST 3900/CORE 3882). Dr. Isono serves as volunteer liaison for the EDST 3900/CORE 3882 course, arranging all Tokyo school visits and supporting logistics during the study abroad trip. The EDST 3900/CORE 3882 is the first of its kind in the Department of Educational Studies, offering students a chance to study abroad on a short term basis and to complete Core III requirements. Following lunch, Dr. Isono enjoyed a walking tour of our historic South Orange campus.

The Department of Educational Studies expresses gratitude to Dr. Isono for his generous support of the Japan short-term study abroad course. The department acknowledges that the study abroad course would not be possible without his help and guidance. Such collaborative relationships across international borders contribute directly to student development toward intercultural and global competencies. The Department of Educational Studies looks forward to the next opportunity to welcome Dr. Isono to campus.

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