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Classroom Dispatch: ESL Students Prepare for English Proficiency Exam  

Answer sheet being filled out with pencilESL@SetonHall students enrolled in the ESLP 0630 TOEFL® Preparation class have been studying all semester for a single exam: The TOEFL®  (Test of English as a Foreign Language) proficiency test. The TOEFL® exam  is used by colleges and universities in North America to ascertain the English language proficiencies of international applicants.

This semester, the ESLP 0630 course is expertly led by Pfr. Stephanie Montague (EDST Adjunct Faculty). In the class, students engage with the exam from various angles over the entire semester. They complete practice exams, analyze test sections, review key content, complete language drills, complete peer and self assessment activities, among other study activities. 

Pfr. Montague asked her students about their motivations to sign up for the ESLP 0630 course. This is what they had to say: 

I'm taking the TOEFL® class and the TOEFL® test because I want to attend college next semester. I want to study hospitality, and it is a great opportunity for me to study in a college in the USA. I learned English a few years ago, but I was not confident enough with my level to take the TOEFL®, and that is why I decided to attend the classes at SHU. 
–Luana M.

I like taking the TOEFL® course because it trains me with many skills such as reading, listening, speaking, and writing. This course helps me to improve these skills in a higher level. I need to react more quickly with these skills because of the limited time on the test and to comprehend difficult words more swiftly. 
–Sister Luyen

I want to take the TOEFL® because I want to know my English level. The TOEFL® test has listening, speaking, reading and writing, so it will be clear that I know my English level in each part.
–Amber H.

I want to comprehensively improve the skills of my English, and to experience different methods of learning English.
–Sister Li

I would like to join an institution to continue with my studies. The TOEFL® class brought me and still brings me knowledge in my studies in the United States. The TOEFL® class is an academic class, so that it is challenging for me and helps me grow in my education. 
–Alvaro P.

The academic-based ESL@SetonHall intensive English program prepares individuals for success in postsecondary undergraduate and graduate programs in the United States. During morning coursework, students study reading, writing, listening, and speaking using academic materials. During afternoon coursework, students select from a range of elective classes including TOEFL® Preparation, Digital Media Publishing, Pronunciation Skills, among others.

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