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Classroom Dispatch: ESL Students Produce Podcast Episodes  

A laptop and microphone set up for use in a podcast.In the ESLP 0571 Digital Media Publishing class, students are extending their English language skills by producing podcast episodes on topics that are of interest to them. Working in partner groups, the students scripted, recorded, and edited their podcast episodes as part of a two-week unit on audio media.

The podcast unit was facilitated by the ESLP 0571 instructor, Professor Marsha Philemon who shared the following reflection:

One of the best things to come out of this unit was seeing students excited to take ownership of their learning. We set goals for them and expectations on what is audio media and how to create their own. However, to see them design their own scripts tailored to their own experiences, experiment and explore the Soundtrap application to perfect their recordings while demonstrating a level of self confidence was really a proud moment. I'm definitely learning from them as they're learning from the class and from working with one another.

Playing a key supporting role were teacher interns Jasmine Deleon (SDIR senior) and Marissa Todd (EDST sophomore). Professor Philemon noted that

Jasmine was instrumental to this unit given her podcast experience. She runs her own podcasts so she was able to get the students excited sharing her previous work and sample podcasts. As one of our classroom exercises she led a podcast simulation with the class using the Soundtrap app. This really generated great participation from the students. Marissa has also been amazing. For this unit specifically, she helped our students with putting their scripts together, rehearsing their individual speaking parts and then uploading the final product to their individual google websites.

The student groups debuted their podcast episodes in class on March 22nd. Students Amber and Alvaro developed their podcast around the topic of theme parks. In their podcast exchange, they both share their experiences visiting theme parks in the Orlando, Florida area. They close the podcast with suggestions for those considering a theme park vacation to Florida over the summer break. Students Sister Linh and Wejdan chose the topic of favorite books for their podcast episode. In their recorded exchange, Sister Linh reveals that her favorite book is The Power and the Glory by Graham Greene. In return, Wejdan shares that her favorite books to read are on personal health and fitness.

The public presentation of the podcast episodes allowed students to evaluate one another's projects. In closing discussion, Professor Philemon underscored the valuable role that podcasts can play in supporting English language acquisition.

The podcast episodes are being released weekly via the ESL@SetonHall program's podcast channel, hosted on the Podbean application. Check the podcast landing page regularly to catch each episode

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